Free Tools to generate organic traffic for website/Blog

How to generate organic traffic for website/Blog.

Hello guys If you do not have organic traffic from any search engine on your website or blog or none of your posts are ranking in google then you should understand that you need SEO. A lot of people do SEO for their blog/website.  But they don’t focus on off page  SEO , they don’t how to do OFF Page SEO. On page SEO on your blog does not generate organic traffic So the website are not ranked  any search engine. so guys no need to panic , we are going to tell you this post that you have to do off site SEO for your blog-website for this. 

Off-Page are of Two types-

  • Backlinks
  • Promotion

Back links to your blog on Organic Traffic

The first task is to make more and more back links to your Blog or website. back link is the source to transfered organic traffic on the website. So backlink is the most important part of off Page seo until your website or blog does have high quality back Link then you can’t think about to ranked on google. So you have to make more backlinks to rank your page or post.
 There are two types.

  • Do follow  backlinks
  • No follow backlinks
We always focused on Do follow links. Do follow is signed as Quality Backlinks for your blog.
No Follow links is also good it increase  your reach on search engine network. Its increase your number of backlinks. But beneficial are Do follow so just focus on that.

How to make High Quality Backlinks

For this, here we have 10 ways to create high quality do follow backlink for your blog/ website.

Guest Post

Guest Posting is best and easy way to get high quality do follow backlinks. If you submit a good post on a High DA website/Blog then you get the best quality backlink from it and transferred organic traffic on your website- blog. so that's why I put it first. The backlinks you get from the guest post is consider a high quality backlink.

Article Submission 

submission sites have great roll to transferred organic traffic to your websites. It is the process of OFF-page SEO. It kind of most effective while spending a money for run campaign

Comment Writing

Creating backlinks by comments writting is a very simple thing but it is important to know that how comment is made to get high quality dofollow backlink. If you comment to a blog then you do not get dofollow backlink from that, you get only nofollow backlink, so you can comment on a blog whose DA, PA is high, then you will get quality backlinks.

Example to write a Blog

 Hello, Susanna!

Wonderfully summed up the most important topic -- guest blogging!
The power of guest blogging is always not admired and evaluated. See how Buffer did this by writing only 150 guest posts initially that made it the one best social media tool out of thousands!
Definitely guest posting is the powerful and I am also experiencing the little chunk of it. :)
Thanks for the great work!

Forum Submission

You just need to create an account on forum submission sites and add your website Url.  Continuousy ask some questions and also gives get quality backlinks from there.
Some forum sites-quara, warrior forum etc.


If you havn’t a youtube channelthen create a youtube channel from your domain name submit your Url  there. You definitely gt quality backlinks.

Facebook Page

If you create your facebook page and here you submit your website's url, you get a great backlink from here and from here you can share your post, which will increase your visitor.


If you create your account on pinterest and enter your website's url there, then you get a great backlink from which your blog website traffic will increase.


You create your account on twitter and submit your website to the profile so that you get high quality backlink dofollow backlink. Continously post new posts

9. StumbleUpon

If you create your account in Stumleupon and share your articles there, then you also get high quality dofollow backlink from there.

10. Google plus

If you create your profile in google plus and share your articles in it then you also get a great high quality dofollow backlink from here.

Promote your blog for Organic Traffic

If you have a new blog or website then you need to be promote as long as you can because If you are not able to send direct traffic on your blog, then  you can’t get organic traffic from search engine as well because the search engine first sees the user experience how many people like this content, then you are going to get organic traffic, so you can promote your content on social media Facebook twitter share more on whatsapp So that you get direct traffic on your blog and a user experience on your blog that will get you organic traffic.

Free Tools to generate  High Traffic On your Blog/website

  1. 10khits
  2. rankboostup  
  3. heatleap  
  4. TrafficBot
  5. Traffic Bot

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