How to Build Backlinks


Backlinks are the most important and every successful SEO campaign.This blog will teach how to build backlinks. Every strategy you will read is here. 
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Backlinks are basically are incoming links to our website. for an example when a website is linking with so getting the incoming link from so that is known as a back link and also popular as incoming link.

So as you can watch on the screen the website A linking to the website B hence website B has a backlink from the website have crete backlinks for your website by off-page SEO. You have to create quality backlinks to rank higher on google. Google noticed your linking with another websites then give you rank. so linking is one of the most worst method to increase your visibilityand increase website authority increase your website quality. basically there are two types of links as you can watch on the screen.

do follow links passes link juice and did they definitely help you much more in order to achieve a good page rank and in order to achieve a ranking on Google on the top of search engine.

But in the nofollow link if Link is a set to no follow it means Google board will not crawl the link and not pass any link whenever you create the backlinks always keep in mind that you have to create do follow backlinks.

When to Build Backlinks

Many people dive into link building before they’ve built a strong foundation. You must keep in mind that you need a quality backlinks which one backlink  is equal to thousand of backlinks.
When your backlinks are more effective that gives you more users, you don’t need as many to achieve your desired result!
That ultimately saves you time and money.

Reclaim Dead backlinks and lost link juice

You used Search Console tool to find 404s (Crawl > Crawl Errors > Not Found)

Fix All these broken links by google fetch tool.

Develop the Strong website architecture

The architecture has a great role on backlinks building . its all depend on you that how much impressive your blog is. If your website/ Blog is attractive then visiter stay on your page and saw your services and products.
There are a lot of method to get backlinks like:-
Social Bookmarking
Web directory submission
Press release
Comment writing
Guest posting
Article submission
Forum posting
Site 2.0 submission
Reclaim Broken links
So you have lot of option to build backlinks . but I mostly recommended Guest posting,Article submission and  site2.0, They are the most powerfull methods which gives mostly do-follow links.

Foundational  Backlinks

Foundational” backlinks are that which should have every normal website.
They create a level of trust across your website.
That’s because you are using nothing but un optimized, branded backlinks from these sites.

Social Media

First of all you need to secure all your social media platforms.
May be in lower stage ,but your business should have On
LinkedIn (connect with me)
Twitter (follow me)
Google Plus
Facebook is best social media platform based on referral traffic and engagement.
That’s why we all have an account on Facebook and not as active on the other platforms.
Choose what  social platforms did best work for your business.
At the minimum, populate these accounts regularly share some content, so that you at least have a base.
There is a one more method of backlinks building which is classified posting
In this method what you have to do. You have to find some classified sites like olx , FedEx and some of websites like these you just submit your website link and also provide them a short description of your website .these  websites definitely gave you a Do-follow links. So just apply these methods on your website practically I hope these will help you to generate a good network for your website.
Thank you

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