How to Create a Google Analytics Account for WordPress/Blogger websites [With Pictures]

How to Create a Google Analytics Account 

Do you know how many users are coming to your website and those who are coming are happy with your website or not? If you do not know then this is the biggest loss for you, because if you do not know about your user, then how will you improve your website and if the user is not satisfied with your website / blog, then your google The website will not rank. That's why Google has created a website for you, Google Analytics, with the help of which you can do all these freebies. And today I will let you know that How to Create a Google Analytics Account for WordPress/Blogger.
The biggest contribution to any successful blogger is a tool does that, google analytics It has been created for you to know about the traffic of your blog.
A blogger is a successful blogger, when he keeps improving on his blog at all-time. That's why I am writing this post, so that you also have complete knowledge of analytics ...

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a tool that lets you analyze your blog / website, how much traffic it has on it and it's coming from traffic. This tool is provided free in google, which can help Blogger understand your blog.
This tool has many more features which I will tell you in detail in the next post. Now we know what is the key to this tool.

What are the implications of Google Analytics ...

  • With the help of Analytics, you can see traffic of Last Week, Month, Year and       Lifetime.
  •  How many users are on your blog right now?
  •  Coming from the user said on your blog. Meaning facebook, twitter or google
  • What location is the user coming from, which country is coming from? They can see all.
  •  How much is the active user on the blog, which makes your post everyday
  •  What is the main language of the users coming to your blog?
  •  What the user likes to fall.
  •  Which user can read most of the post.
  •  Which device is using the user, meaning mobile, tablet and computer.
  •  How much is returning and new user.
  •  How much is your blog's Bounce Rate?

Apart from this, there are lots of features that we can learn about blogs and audiences. So let us now know how to create a google analytics account ....

How to make a Google Analytics Account for blog

Creating an account on Google Analytics is not so difficult, if you follow the steps mentioned below carefully ... ..

Step 1: - Open Google Analytics website first.

First Search by typing Google Analytics.
Now you will first see analytics website, click on it. Google analytics account

Now you can click on sign up.

Step 2: - Now fill your website information ....

 Account Name: Here you can name the account. This is for you, if you ever add another account or website, then you will not have any confusion.

Website Name: Name your blog / website here.

Website URL: Here you fill the URL of your blog, but keep in mind that if your blog starts with http: / select http: //, and select https: // if your blog is secure.

Industry Category: Select the category of the website / blog you are building on. Such as blogging, health, news and marketing etc.

Reporting Time Zone: Select the time zone of the place you are living in, like if you are from India, choose your time zone "Kolkata + 5: 30"

Data Sharing Settings: Check all the check boxes given below.
Now click on Get Tracking ID

Step 3: - Google Analytics Terms & Conditions ... ..

First select your country.
Now you get the terms & condition once you need it.
Now you accept both terms.
In the last, you can click on I Accept.

Step 4: Now a window will open before you, you will see Tracking ID and Tracking Code here ...

 Copy this code and add it to wordpress blog.
Below we will find how to apply the Analytics code to a blog ....

how to add code an wordpress website : -

It's very easy to put Google Analytics code in blogs. But the bloggers who are new, they make a mistake in the hurry to introduce the code. That's why analytics can not track the blog.

So do not make any mistake while applying code and place the code in the right place. I have told the steps below which you can see carefully ....

First you go to DashBoard> Appearance> me analytics code
After going to Editor, select Theme Header from right side.
After this paste the google analytics code after the <head> tag and </ head>.
Now click on Update File.
Now have your own Google Analytics associated with your blog. After some time you can visit the Analytics website to check whether your blog has been fully added or not. To check, first open the post of your blog, then go to the real time of analytics to check if your device starts showing or not ...

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