how to analyse best keyword for your niche and SEO purpose?


Hello guys, I am Your Digital Partnr I'm going to describe you about how to analyze a keyword competition and how to select the keywords for your website or blog.
how to find best keyword for your site for seo

In this session I'm going to tell you about how to select the best keywords for your site.when you use tools like google keyword planner,, CERP, google trends So these are the platforms to research about the keyword search and all.But when you will start promoting your website then you have to select the best keywords for your website. So in this session I'm going to describe you about how to analyze your keyword So if you're going to start finding the best keyword for website and blog then first of all you need to find the keywords that are long tail. I'm just going to display you the types of keywords.

keywords best for your website

Long tail keyword and Shor tail keyword you have to focus on the Long tail keywords if you are going to promote your website then select only the long tail keywords because long tail keywords are more specific in which  competition is very low. If you go with the Short tail keywords then it will be not specified and then searches with more words It's not specified like if you're searching for a digital marketing courses, then you put digital marketing course but where you need a digital marketing course like in USA in UK in Los Angeles in London in Delhi. So you have to use long tail keyworks for your website because it's more specified. It's more specific and a specific key would give your targeted traffic.
you also need to focus on google searches. How many do else you're getting while searching the keyword on Google.
I recommend to you.You need to select those keywords that have searches is not more than 1000 and results is not more than five or 10 lacks.So if your website keywords is have  more than 10 lacks results then I don't recommend you that keywords because if you are in the initial stage and you have to focus on low competitive keywords with low results.

So these are the results that you have to focus.So firstly you need to consider these you have to select the long tail keywords. you have to focus two to four or five words keywords.

The second thing you have to focus on the searches of the keyword like when you will search on Google Keyword planner than you will get the ideas of each and everything related to your keywords and all but you have to focus on that key words that have not more than 1000 searches. Select those keywords that have only one thousand searches.If you would like to get rank easily. If you get rank instantly. So there are the things you have to focus just take a little bit more time and find the best keywords.

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