How to make a free website

How to make a free website

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Before we start How to make a free website, you will want to answer the same question in the blog and the website is different about why people do not know about it.

website earn money

Blog and Website are the only thing. But does every website have a blog?
No! Why?
For this let’s take an example of real life as "every apple is fruit, but not every fruit apple!"  Similarly, "every blog is a website,but every website is not a blog"
Blog This is the type of website. So we will know about this blog in today's blog.


If you have questions, what can you do by creating a website and what is your advantage?
So first of all we see the benefits of creating our own website.
  • ·       Make regular money by making website a master business or side business, from Google adsense (Online Earning).
  • ·       We can write on a topic, and spread the information of that topic with needed persons which can help them. (For example, you are reaching our  website.)
  • ·       Instead of doing time waste, you can earn money by investing time in blogging.
  • ·       You do not have time, blogging can be part time, because you are the boss here, it’s your business.

Whether you are a student, doing a job, a housewife, anyone can start blogging by simply choosing a niche / topic (subject).Such as entertainment, technology, fashion,  cooking,  news,  bodybuilding, etc. Anyone who likes to know
Blogging will tell you a special point of blogging, in blogging you do not need to learn web languages ​​such as html, javascript, php.
Here you only need to provide information on a topic, write good posts and you can earn good money by placing advertise on your blog by advertisers.


Website / blog is one of the two most popular ways to earn money from google adsense and second is affiliate product selling.
You can earn enough money on these two methods.
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If you want to start free blog So first you have to choose a blogging platform.

This is some free blogging platforms.

  • ·       Blogger
  • ·       WordPress.Com ( is paid)
  • ·       Tumblr
  • ·       Weebly, etc

All to above platform the popular and best is, blogger.
The reason that is Google's product, you can show ads by adsense by writing a good post on it. ( does not allow adsense). When I was new to this field, I also started blogging from

Creating a blog on Google Blogger is a great posture, I will tell you how you can.


Many of us want to make your own website. But they do not know about How to make.
Creating your blog / website on blogger is a 5 min job. After creating the blog, it will take some time to customize it, I will tell you the same thing.

To create a new website you need to have three things.
  • ·       Google Account (gmail id),
  • ·       Laptop / Computer,
  • ·       High speed Internet

I hope you have these things. So let's look at the process of making a website.

Step 1

Open from your computer / laptop browser.
And click on Sing-in on right side upper corner. Now the window will open to sign in. Now, choose the ID you want to create your blog, enter your gmail account and password.

                    Sign-in to blogger by gmail account

Step 2
After sign in you will see the option of 'CREATE A BLOG'. There is a click here.

Step 3
There is a popup window you see like in img, here you have to enter the title of your website i.e. your blog name and the different/unique blog address to which visitors can reach your website.

You can also select a template here.You can now click on create blog. Your blog / website will be created.
Now you have to see your website, then put the site address in the browser that you have placed.
Like, something like this will be your blog address. You will see a basic blog you will have to make it so you will have to customize it so that your blog will look professional.If you want to seriously blogging, then you can create a custom domain add that will help your blog become a professional.

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