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 How to Recover a Disabled Facebook Account 

How to Recover a Disabled Facebook Account : You all will be surprised to know that there are many fake / fraud accounts on Facebook. Most of them are in the form of profiles of girls. Some people misuse these fake profiles. For your information, tell us that these days Facebook has started blocking / disabling such an account.

Fb Account Disabled Solution

Friends, do not make any mistake because the biggest disadvantage is to those people who have run a page or group from their profile (Facebook profile) and there are many members and they can be connected. In it, for many days, many months or many years of hard work. So always be cautious.

Today we will talk to you about some reasons, prevention and remedies related to Facebook Account Got Disabled. Maybe this post will be useful for all of you, for this, you should read the entire post carefully.

Reason - Why My Facebook Account Disabled?

1. If you do not use your real name, it is against the guide line of Facebook. Like some people use their Nick Name. Some people use @ # *! ~% Etc. in their names. Facebook blocks such accounts soon.
2. If you send or accept Friend Request to more users in a day. Even then your account can be disabled.
3. If you keep continuously posting any message or link in someone's wall or group, then you can still get the problem.
4. It is also true that if you have been poked by most people, Facebook checks your account on it, if any wrong response is found, your account can still be disabled.
5. If you enter any post in any page, group or wall by going against the offending, adult or Facebook guide line, then your account can still be blocked.
6. If you do more page, like in a day or more group, join then your account can be blocked.
7. If you send the same message to your maximum friends, then your Facebok Account will be blocked.
8. If Facebook realizes even a little bit that you are using Facebook as one of your business or marketing, then your profile will still be disabled.
9. If you have more than one Facebook account, you should still be careful because either one of your accounts will be permanently disabled or both can also be disabled. You should understand well that in today's time, Facebook has become very advanced and you cannot manipulate it.
10. If you use Copyright Stuff in any of your posts, and if most of you have reported to Facebook. In such a way, your account is disabled / blocked.

Remedy - How To I Get My Facebook Account?

Due to all the common reasons mentioned above, your account, Disable or Permanent Disable can also be so stay alert and use Facebook keeping all these in mind. If your account has become Permanent Disable, then no one can Unblock or Enable it. If your account is only disabled then there are some ways to unblock or enable it. You can try out of these.

1. You can get an option to regain your account is that of Tag Verification. If there is any suspicious activity in your account, then you will have to complete the Photo Tag Verification section of Facebook. In which you will be shown photos and you have to identify who is the tagged person. 5 out of 7 answers should be correct only then your account can be started again.

2. If there is any suspicious activity in your account, after logging in you will be asked for your photo which you have not posted in Facebook before now. Within four to seven days after sending the photo, your account will be re-activated again and you will get information about it on your email.

3. If your account is not re-activated even after sending your photo and you feel that there is no suspicious activity in your account, then you have to go through this link on Facebook website:

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