How To Unblock Link On Facebook

 How To Unblock Link On Facebook

Is your website URL blocked by Facebook? Here we will learn that how to unblock link on Facebook How to unblock link on Facebook

Why did Facebook block my site?

50 to 60 percent of the social sharing traffic on our site comes from Facebook itself and the rest of the traffic comes from platforms like WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Pinterest, quora etc.

When we create a new blog website, then we start sharing indiscriminately on Facebook, on our timeline and in others' group or on our friend's timeline.

There is no problem when you share on your timeline or in your group or on your created page, but when you share in others' group or on others' timeline, some people share your site on Facebook. start reporting.

And due to too many people reporting, Facebook blocks your site indefinitely without checking it. how to unblock link on facebook

And then you are not able to share the link URL of your website on Facebook Instagram in any way, even you are not able to put the link of your site in the profile of WhatsApp business.

How to prevent your site from being blocked on Facebook

You must share your site or any post URL from the site on Facebook, but do it on your timeline in your group or on your own created page.

If you share any URL on your timeline group or page and someone reports it, then Facebook ignores it because you have shared in your home i.e. on your group page or timeline.

On the other hand, if you share something good on another's timeline group or page and the owner of that group reports it, then Facebook puts the URL shared by you in the block list without any investigation.

You can create your own group or page, there you can continue doing good work and make more and more followers, then you will not need to share the URL of your website in any other group.

A few days ago, Facebook has also started video monetization like YouTube, if you want, you can upload videos like YouTube by creating your own page.

 After fulfilling the monetization criteria, you will also be able to earn from the video and keep sharing the URL of your site on the same page in between.

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