How to do perfect SEO ?

Hello Guys this Your Digital Partnr.I'm going to describe you about SEO that what is SEO, Benefits of SEO and how to do perfect SEO.So let’s start.
what is seo.benefits of seo

I hope that you all knows about domain , Hosting, wordpress and website design. If you didn’t then don’t worry you can check my previous blogs. I'm going to describe you. One of the most important part of digital marketing that is SEO or we can say most popular part of Digital Marketing. Many of people doesn’t know that how to do a perfect SEO for your Blog/ Website. So keep your eyes on this blog and don’t skip any step if you want to become a successful SEO marketer. Any kind of business you have doing or do in future then you should focus on SEO in the whole digital marketing strategies.

 What is SEO Exactly ?

SEO basically stand for Search Engine Optimization. If you want to know about SEO then you should know about search engine first. Search engine refers to a huge database of internet resources such as webpage, news group, programs, images etc. It helps to locate information on world wide web. And SEO is a process to improve your ranking on that search engines. So some examples of search engines are:-

So we can say SEO basically is a technique when user like you, put there query like buy mobile online then how to optimize your website.This is the process of SEO so in seo part you got to know how to increase your website ranking on the search engines.
I explain with an example like I search buy mobile online in one of the search engine.
It’s shows many results approx 8,69,00,00,000. But it is depend on where you click, because  I don't think so you will click on second or third page because the majority of the users fulfill their requirement  after clicking on these sites. So SEO  is a technique to rank your website on the organic result on first  page.

Benefits of SEO ?

When you done SEO on your own website/blog, Then you will get lot of benefits from there like, if your website is ranking on the search engine with your targeted keywords then it will be long term standing. It will not get rank out from the search engines.

If you were paired to the google to get ranked on top of search engines then it will be exit whenever your total amount has been spent. So you have to focus on as SEO because it is long term standing and beat your competition you will get on top of search engines and your competitors will get ranked lower than you.
If you are a champ in seo it will be also helpful to increase your sales and increase your visibility and its your own 24 hour marketing team. There is the the most important benefit of SEO is it cost effective marketing. you just need to do some efforts on your website to bring top of search engines.

How to do Perfect SEO ?

There are two process to do SEO:-
On-Page SEO
Off-Page SEO

On-Page SEO

On-Page seo is the process to implement some changes to your own website in order to rank higher and earn more relevant traffic on search engines. There are lots of factors that you have to changes.
On-Page SEO Factors:-
·         URLs optimization
·         Head section optimization
·         Body section optimization
·         Sitemap HTML/XML
·         Robot.txt file

URLs optimization is a process to improve your webpage URL. Make your Urls readable like:-

Head section optimization A page have two section first is head section and other one is body section.
Head section includes Meta tag, Title tag, OG tag you have to improve all there for better results in SEO.
First you have to find the best Keywords related to your website .keyword is also having a great roll on SEO.keywords are the only way to optimize your website on search engine.

Title tag is displayed on the search engine result pages.

Basically Title tag is a part of head section it is like a Heading of your website.

Meta Description is a tag where you describe your page or website.It shows below the title tag always keep in mind that your meta description tag should be Cauchy and unique.

Meta Robot Tags are allowed crawlers to index web page content 

OG Tags is stand for Open Graph tag.OG tags allow you to what content shows up on the social media platform.

Body section optimization body section  is a process to improve your website body part. There is lot of things that you have to optimize in body section like:-

·         Heading optimization
·         Body content optimization
·         Keyword  density
·         Keyword stuffing
·         Keyword spamming
·         Link optimization
·         Image optimization
·         Focus on Grammatical errors
·         Updated your website daily
·         Interlink your article with each other


OFF- Page I one of the Leading part of SEO. First of all you have to do ON-page seo, after that focus on the OFF-Page SEO. Offpage is more important and time consuming than the on page SEO. Beacause in this you will build link, you will popularize your website you will increase your presence of website on the other websites.

why it is important because it's important because in the SEO process Google will check your website first and after that Google will check how your website is popular on other platforms. Google Ranked your website behalf of how you promote your website to other websites.
There are some Techniques to get lot of backlinks:-
Social Bookmarking
Classified ad
Web directory submission
Press release
Comment writing
Guest posting
Article submission
Forum posting
Site 2.0 submission
Reclaim Broken links

Now you do not need to make changes on your website. Now in this process you will popularize your website with  the help of other just need to link your website to other popular websites and get quality links.

Thank you.

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  1. hello sir can you tell me how to do OG

    1. whenever you do SEO of any particular post/page then on SEO setting you will see an option Social Network Listing. this is basically for Open Graph just put your post title and description which you want to show on social platform. then copy & paste post linkon any social sites.