How to earn from Google Adsense(thousands Dollars)

How to earn from Google Adsense

Google adsense is one of Google's best free programs. With the help of which people are earning millions of rupees through computer or laptop from home.
Today's post is on this topic for google adsense pages. I will give you this information today
Google adsense is a business that allows us to earn online earnings by showing ads on our site.

What is AdSense?

Adsense is a advertising program, which shows automatic advertising on your website.And when your website visitors click on those ads, you get money from Google.

How to earn millions from Google Adsense

Making lot of money from Google is not so easy, but not so difficult, if you do both hard work and smart work together.
To earn money from Google adsense, you need to basically need these three things.
  • Website / Blog
  • Adsense Approved Account
  • Visitors

If you do not have a website then read How to make freewebsite.
You will be able to earn as much money as you would be able to bring traffic / visitors to your website.

Suppose you are earning $ 50 / day. So your earning for a month will be 30 * 50 = $ 1500 (Rs 90,000)
Now let's see

How many clicks do you want on your page views and ads to earn 50 dollar a day?

If you are getting 1 click = $ 0.10 i.e. your CPC is $ 0.10, then for $ 50 you need 500 clicks.
And your CTR is 5% then you can earn $ 50 a day on 10,000 page views.

Well, it does not feel that you will get so much money on such page views or so many clicks. Sometimes more can be found and sometimes less.

Suppose your CPC is 0.20 then you can earn $ 50 in 5000 page views and $ 100 in 10000 page views
All this depends on CPC and CTR.

As you start blogging, you can earn more than these numbers, if you want, because earning from adsense is limitless.There are many people across the country and around the world, who are earning money through adsense.

After creating free blog, you will need to add posts to get an adsense account as soon as you get a little traffic on your blog, you can apply adsense. And after your adsense account is approved, you can create ads and show it on your site.And you can start earning money.

You can get started with social sites like facebook, twitter for traffic, and you can earn good by bringing traffic to Google.

Other Different ways to earn from Google Adsense Without blogging

Google Adsense can earn not just website / blog but also earning in other ways such as,
  • Make Youtube Channel
  • Make a Mobile App and upload it to the Playstore.

To make money from Google Adsense through Youtube, you will have to upload videos on Youtube.
The advertisement which comes before the introduction of videos is done by Google Adsense. When the viewers click on them then earning.this is also a good opportunity. A lot of people are earning a good amount from Youtube too.

There is a major disadvantage of youtube.If you published any content which disobey youtube policies. Then your channel has been crushed.

The blogging feature is that it is in your control. You can become a full owner of the blog by switching from wordpress to blogger. Incase adsense bann your blog, then you can show an advertisement from other advertising programs such as, etc and can sell affiliate product on the blog, sell ad space.

Now lets see how to earn adsense by creating a mobile app.

If you create a great android app and upload it to google playstore and get good downloads of your app. Then you can earn money by showing an advertisement on the mobile app by Admob. When user clicks on ads, you can earn by CPC accordingly.


So guys, in this post we have seen how to earn from google adsense. If you also want to earn millions of rupees from google adsense, you can get successes if you work hard.
Initially, you create a free website and post some posts and after some time Apply for AdSense.
Then slowly you increase the audience of your blog, you will definitely receive a good payment on the monthly basis.
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