How to get backlinks by PDF file submission

How to get backlinks by PDF file submission?Or top Pdf submission sites.

Hey Guys, People will know how to make backlinks but do you know about how to make backlinks from PDF file submission ? If you are thinking how to make backlinks from pdf file . Today, we will tell you about the topic of how you can upload pdf file to various websites and create high pr backlins, which will increase your search engine rankings and increase your traffic simultaneously. And your blog will soon become popular. So let's first know what is pdf file submission?
top pdf submission sites

How to increase the traffic of the blog from PDF file Submission?

What is a pdf file submission?

When we create a pdf file of any article on our blog and upload it to a website which have high DA & PA, it is called pdf file submission.
 The basic purpose of pdf file submission is to rank high on the blog's search engine. Because this gives our blog a high quality dofollow backlink. This is a very good technique according to SEO.
This is a process of offpage SEO. Which also increases search ranking with blog traffic. If you are not new to the field of blogging, then you will know that pdf file submission is a type of content marketing or internet marketing. From which you can get high quality backlink.

What is the benefit of PDF file submission? Or

How to increase search engine ranking from Pdf submission ?

Whenever someone starts a new blogging, the biggest problem is the traffic problem. If the blog is created, everything is better but the blog does not have any readers or traffic or your blog can not be successful. But the question arises, how will people come to my blog? So SEO is essential for traffic. Finds the same high ranking websites on the search engine, whose onpage seo and off page seo and off page seo are both great.
If you do not have backlinks, you can not get high ranking despite the better onpage seo. With pdf file submission you can find high quality backlinks for your blog. This allows you to increase the traffic of your blog. Through this you can make your blog popy in a very short time. With pdf file submission you can bring your blog to the top of the SERP.

What to do to create PDF content and Backlinks?

If you want to convert your blog article to a PDF file then You select and copy it from your blog
Now paste it into ms-word.
For backlinks in pdf content, you create a hyperlink in it. This work is very easy in ms word. When creating hyperlinks, keep in mind that the keywords you want to rank in the search engine with the keywords you create are hyperlinked to those targeted keywords. Because submitting the pdf file, this hyperlink will only serve as backlinks.
To create backlinks, select that keyword of your article and right click. And click the hyperlink.
creat pdf files via wordpress

Now enter the url link of the article in the URL that you want backlinks.
blog address

You can also use the image in this file. My point is to make it exactly the same way as your article looks on your blog.

Now click on the file menu --- save as on this file.

Now give a file name here and select pdf in the file type.

Click on save button.

Now the pdf file of your article has been prepared.
You can now upload to the free Pdf Submission sites mentioned below. And publicly share it. So that people know about your content. And when the search engine crawls, backlinks will also be found for your blog.

Top Free Pdf Submission sites list

If you search, then many websites give you the pdf file submission but there are some popular and free websites here. On which you can upload your pdf file and get high quality backlinks.


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